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  • Description

    Using the basic laws of physics and the tools provided in each level, set a course for the red ball to collect all of the stars and reach the red flag before time runs out!
  • Instructions

    Use mouse to set the course for the red ball. See in game for more detailed instructions.

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  • Crossword Game

    Crossword GameJust like an old-fashioned word search! Using the mouse and the wordlist, find and highlight the hidden English words in the box! As the levels get harder, the words start appearing in different orientations. But hurry, the clock is running!

  • Cumulus Confection

    Cumulus ConfectionHigh on Mt Olympus, the Greek gods are planning their annual carnival. But alas! Zeus forgot to get the cotton candy! Help him harvest the clouds for cotton candy by typing the English words on each cloud before they pass him! But watch out for Hades getting in the way!

  • Hex Words

    Hex WordsHow strong is your English vocabulary? Try to find every possible word by combining the provided letters before the clock runs out. If you get stuck, you can get a new set of letters and start again. Each successful English word guessed breaks part of the grid off. Try to destroy the entire grid before time runs out!

  • Swappign

    SwappignEveyr wrod is miexd up, and you need to fix them all! Each English word has 2 letters swapped out of place. Figure out which two letters need to be swapped as fast as you can!!

  • Verb Dash

    Verb DashHaving trouble conjugating English irregular verbs? Verb Dash is your opportunity to practice those hard-to-remember verbs. Rack up as many points as you can by typing the missing verb form before the 30 second timer is up!

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