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  • wordshuffle

    How good is your English vocabulary? Test it out by combining the letters on the screen to form the 3, 4, 5 and 6 letter-long words! If you need a hint, check out the Spanish, French, or Italian translation below each word! But hurry, you only have 2 minutes to guess them all!
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  • crossword

    Just like an old-fashioned word search! Using the mouse and the wordlist, find and highlight the hidden words in the box! As the levels get harder, the words start appearing in different orientations. But hurry, the clock is running!
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  • cumulus

    High on Mt Olympus, the Greek gods are planning their annual carnival. But alas! Zeus forgot to get the cotton candy! Help him harvest the clouds for cotton candy by typing the words on each cloud before they pass him! But watch out for Hades getting in the way!
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